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  • What different kind of packaging is offered for the toys?
    We provide three different types of packaging in different sizes:

    • Eco-Brown Card Box
    • Colorful Card Box
    • Shrink Wrap

If you have special requirements for your delivery, please let us know. For larger orders customized packaging can be arranged  and attractive retail soultion can be provided.

  • How many toy pieces fit in one package?
    This depends on the size of the chosen products. Let us know in which products you are interested in and we will provide you with more information about the product and transport packaging.
  • Is the paper of your packaging environmentally friendly?
    All our packages are made from local recycled paper and the printing happens close to our factory.
  • Where can I get the prices of the products I am interested in?The costs of our products depend on the size of the order. For some products we have a minimum order quantity. Let us know in which products you are interested and in what quantity, then we will come back to you with the prices.
Design – your special needs
  • Can you produce our designs or customize one of your existing designs?
    Yes. We have done this many times in our 25 years of existence. In concert with the customer our design team will customize our designs or fit the supplied design to our process.We are specialized in jig sawing, wood machinery, high gloss finish, water based paint, screen printing, wood and cotton products as well as decoration by hand. For some examples you can have a look at our OEM page.If you want more information about your possibilities you can contact us.
  • Why are Sri Toy’s products educational?
    Our wooden toys are designed with a child’s imagination at the forefront. After imagination, education follows like a pull toy on the end of a string. Wooden toys are great educational vehicles that teach through child interaction, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Wooden jigsaw puzzles are a great example. Numbered and lettered versions are available to push numeric and alphabetic skills.
  • Are the products safe for young children?
    Yes. Our products are made from big and smooth pieces of rubber wood that won’t splinter when bitten or chewed on it. None of our products have sharp edges and all pieces are treated with non-toxic paint.
Sustainable Production Process
  • What kind of wood does Sri Toys use? And where does the wood come from?
    All our products are made from rubber wood, a renewable resource. These trees are cut after 20 years when they stop being productive rubber producers. Normally these trees would be burned. We choose to use these trees because of their properties. Rubber wood doesn’t splinter; it is rather dense and strong and suitable for all kinds of machining and hand crafting.
  • Is Sri Toys using human- and environmentally friendly paint?
    Yes, since 25 years we have been working with the same paint supplier. Our paints are tested regularly by SGS, an international certifier.
  • Do your products have an FSC certificate?
    A FSC Certificate is not routinely provided with our products but can be arranged on special request.
  • Which countries does Sri Toys ship to?We ship worldwide.
  • Which shipping method(s) does Sri Toys use?The majority of our orders are being shipped by sea from The Port of Colombo, the leading container hub in South Asia. In the case of a small or an emergency order we can also send the toys by air.
  • How long will it take to receive the products after my order is placed?This depends on the size of the order and its destination. Let us know where you are interested in and what the desired quantity is.
  • How much will shipping and handling cost?This depends on the size, weight and destination of your order. In general larger orders are relatively cheaper. All orders above $5000 will be free of handling costs.